Anger Management

Anger, violent outbursts, unable to stop aggressive or passive-aggressive
behaviours, the inability to be assertive when in difficult situations all relate to the inability to control emotional distress. In human biology anger is utilised to help trigger survival instincts, to assist that individual to fight for his or her life. Without this automatic reaction human kind may never have survived. This instinctual reaction is great when in a life threatening situation, however, today we don’t often find ourselves in these dangerous situations, however we still react as if we were.

Most of us have watched our parents, our teachers and other significant others use
submissiveness, maybe passive-aggressiveness, or aggression and maybe even violence to get what they wanted, be it in the workplace or at home. Over many years some of us have learned how to use passive-aggressiveness and/or aggression to our advantage. Some people however go the opposite way, they don’t “rock the boat”, they don’t cause waves, they prefer to let other people get what they want than to be involved in an argument, in other words they behave submissively. However, eventually the person has had enough of being walked over and “explodes”. All these behaviours whether aggressive or submissive causes friction and major problems in our work and home life.

If any of the above scenarios remind you of your life or someone you love dearly, then you probably already know that this is a very serious problem. People who are either submissive or aggressive constantly struggle to be in control over their emotions and their life. However, just like a pressure cooker, eventually everyone will break and lash out. This is when most people get hurt emotionally and even physically. This can not continue, and now there is help for you and your loved one.


Over the years I have struggled with controlling my anger and my emotions. I was unable to see that I was hurting the people who loved me the most. Doing the “Assertive Me” group workshop has allowed me to not only understand why I was taking my frustration out on others, but learned how to stop these triggers from constanly controlling my behaviours. I know that I’m on the right path to becoming assertive and the man I so desire to be for my kids and my wife. I would recommend this program to anyone who struggles with anger. Anonymous

Our Course has helped hundreds of people to become assertive, take control over their behaviours and become successful in their career and relationships and it can help you too!

The Assertive Me program has 10 sessions that will guide you to understand what aggression and submissive behaviour is really all about and how it controls your behaviours and emotions. The program is specifically focused on helping you understand why you are aggressive or submissive and what emotional buttons are pushed when this occurs. You see, most of us get angry or retreat because of our core beliefs, which were triggered and most often we react without thinking. Our program is structure to help you learn to understand yourself better emotionally, work out what automatic thought processors occur, understand how passive-aggressive behaviour affects us all, become more assertive and speak your mind, you will have learned how to control your aggression or stop being submissive. All our sessions are fun and interesting, through many exercises and interesting questions you will learn more about you and how to be assertive.

You will learn:

Learn the understand what aggression and submission is

Become aware of your body’s initial signs of

Realise why you may be submissive

Identify your main core beliefs and how they affect your

Understand and link how stress affects our behaviours

Problem solve more efficiently

Re-introduce healthy activities

Become assertive

Set up healthy boundaries

This e-course is only $19.95, that’s less than you would spend on fast food in one evening for your family and you. Just think about this for a moment: You can continue being angry or submissive, but don’t fool yourself, because by doing nothing you are going to hurt those whom you love. Over time you will unfortunately pay the heavy price of not doing anything for your personally development. What do you have to lose by doing this program? In reality nothing. Most people spend more than $20 a week on useless and unhelpful stuff, and I’m sure so do you…I certainly have.

For your peace of mind, our e-course is 100% refundable should you be in any way unhappy with the program. No questions asked.

This small investment of only $19.95 will give you to the complete program which
you will be able to download as PDF file as soon as you have paid for the course. You can then print it out and start working on becoming assertive immediately.

Don’t let another day go by, start
doing something for yourself that will enhance your life and those whom you love. You can safely pay online
through PayPal by clicking the bottom below and receive your program within minutes.


I was one of those people that did not think that my submissiveness was causing anyone any problems. I was not aware that I was paying the price for letting people walk all over me both at work and at home. But, at home I would frequently lash out at my husband and kids, and this made me feel really guilty. Doing the Assertive Me program taught me the skills to feel good about myself again, believe that I have the right to have my needs met as well. I have also become closer to my husband and kids because I no longer push them away, and at work people respect me more and I love it. Mark

The Assertive Me program is presented by Nic Marcon who developed this program. Through 6 very fun and interactive group sessions you will learn to deal with your anger and lack of assertion issues. It is understandable that you like most people will find it uncomfortable to talk in a group, but if you allow yourself even just one session you will learn to love this fun and exiting way to learn to deal with your anger. It opens up so many different ways to learn, from listening to others, by asking questions, and listening to Nic present the program. 

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