At Emotional Balance we have Psychologists who can provide assessments in the following areas:

Report WritingLegal Matters:

Psycho-legal reports – Cognitive capacity, mental state at the time of the offence, Drug and Alcohol Assessments,

Social Assessments

Criminal Matters:

Pre-sentence psychological reports

Recidivism Risk Reports (Sexual offending, violence)

Family Matters:

ChildrenParent Capacity Assessments

Family & Parental Risk Assessments

Child & Adolescent Assessments:

Learning difficulties – like ADHD, dyslexia, literacy & numeracy problems,

IQ assessments

Personality disorders

Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Reports:

Personal injury claim assessment and report


How it all works:

The process is different in some of the above mentioned reports, however for a general assessment it is broken down into the following stages.

  1. The Psychologist will gain access with your conYou will meet with the Psychologist so that he can discuss the assessment process, you have the opportunity to ask questions about the process.
  2. Next you will do the assessment with the Psychologist
  3. The Psychologist will then evaluate and write the report required, which will then be sent to the appropriate parties.