Drug and Alcohol Program

Living Free

Drug and Alcohol Brisbane

The Living Free program (Life) is an Outpatient Drug and Alcohol
program meaning that you will come to the sessions once or
twice per week from your home. No need to say goodbye to your
family, work or friends, your most precious support network.
It’s like doing a TAFE or Uni course.

Maybe you have attempted time and time
again to take control over your life but have gone back
to old behaviours that no longer serve you well? Perhaps
you have wanted to change your current life, have
meaningful relationships, a fulfilling career but
believed that your lack of willpower was failing

There is a way
that enables you to take control over your life and addictions.
The Living Free Program (Life) focuses on combining five very
successful therapeutic intervention strategies:

Behaviour Therapy
Focused Therapy
Linguistic Programming
Intelligence components


The Living Free program is split into 4 different
modules that incorporates skills

yourself and your addiction

This incorporates
learning about your addiction, how this works
physiologically and how your Schemas or core beliefs have
influenced your life and your addiction.

Overcoming your addiction

You will learn
how to use relaxation techniques to de-stress, how to deal
with cravings, learn to problem solve better, understand
unhealthy situations, and become more assertive.

Emotional Intelligence

Understand how
nutrition and sleep play a role in your well-being, how to
deal with anger and other emotions, have healthy boundaries,
become a better communicator, deal with your grief and loss,
and how to be happy again.

Maintaining Emotional Balance

How to understand
others and their pain, and how you put all you have learned
together to life a balanced life