Employee Assistance Program

In our ever increasing demanding world many organisations and companies are finding that their staff are struggling with stress, unable to manage individual personalities, struggle with meeting deadlines and this shows in productivity, attendance, turn-over and profitability.

Critical Incident Debrief

When something occurs at the workplace that is traumatic or even life-threatening it is vital that the staff have access to highly skilled professional who are training in critical incident debrief within a very short time. The quicker that the staff can access this support to more likley a positive outcome with minimal residual effects.

Our Psychologists are trained in Critical Incident Debrief and will provide your staff with the support they need at this difficult time. They will work with your staff to ensure that all staff affected have dealt with the incident on an emotional and cognitive level. This will ensure that there are no residual effects in the future.

Rehabilitation Support 

Our Psychologists will assist any staff member of your organisation who have acquired a psychological and/or physical injury and are off work. We will work with the client to reduce the psychological effects of the injury and if needed with other professionals who are dealing with the physical injury, which increases the effectiveness of rehabilitation and returning to work is achieved.

Mediation and conflict resolution

At times staff will find it difficult to work together due to different values and belief systems, personality differences and this can cause conflict that is unable to be resolved within the organisation. We provide mediation and conflict resolution in a safe and supportive environment focusing on meeting the needs of both parties, while adhering to company policies and procedures.

Training and Information

We provide training and information sessions to enhance the effectiveness of your staff, increase cohesiveness, productivity and profitability. All our team training sessions are tailored to your company’s needs and focus. Our Psychologists will meet with you to determine what training is most suitable to your staff and then design and deliver this training package either at your workplace or ours.