Stress Management

Do you suffer from:

Colds and Flues?

Depression or anxiety?

Physical pain?

Lack energy?

Stomach problems?

Lack concentration or motivation?

Find it hard to remember things?

Have no patience, get angry quickly?

These and other symptoms are most likely caused by stress.

Constant and overwhelming stress in your life will effect not only your emotional but also your physical well-being. For most of us we think that we can cope with anything that comes our way. We think “that will not happen to me”. We sometimes feel invincible and believe that nothing will affect us. However, it is well documented that if you ignore high levels of stress, sooner or later this will affect your life, and often totally incapacitate you for weeks, months or even years.

As a Psychologist I have assisted people from all walks of life with many different issues and problems, especially since establishing the Emotional Balance Centres. It has become quite apparent to me that many people suffer from stress related issues. Although they may present to me for a different reason, stress always seems to play a part in that person’s mental and emotional health. In my counselling sessions
I have used a number of different techniques that have proven very effective in reducing stress and teaching people
to manage their stressful lives. Because of numerous queries from people around Australia who could not come to see
us at our Centre, but wanted to address their stress problems, we turned these very effective techniques into an
E-Course/Workshop so that anyone could benefit from these great techniques no matter where they live.

You can’t keep avoiding your ever increasing stress levels, and they will certainly not go away. You must do something today. So don’t let another day go by without changing your life, order your copy of the program NOW or call to book our next available group workshop.

Do you want to learn how to maximise your potentials? Did you know that there is such a thing as “good stress” and you can learn to effectively implement skills that utilise this positive stress?

The course will help you to:

Learn the fundamentals about stress on your body

Understand your body’s tell tale stress signs

Reduce your stress levels through a number of effective techniques

Problem solve more efficiently

Implement better sleep patterns

Learn time management skills

Re-introduce healthy activities

Become assertive

Set up healthy boundaries

Our E-Course normally costs $69.95, but we have reduced it to enable people everywhere to access this course without the huge burden of paying for an expensive course.

The low cost of $19.95 entitles you to the complete program which we email to you as a PDF file. You can then print it out and start working on reducing your stress immediately.

REMEMBER, our course is 100% refundable should you be in any way unsatisfied with the program. No questions asked.

Don’t let another day go by, start doing something for yourself that will enhance your life and those whom you love. You can safely pay online through PayPal by clicking the botton below and receive your program within minutes.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more interactive style of learning, you can book to attend either our one day workshop we run in-house or our 6 weekly group sessions.

The weekly group sessions is presented by Nic Marcon who developed this program. Through 6 very fun and interactive group sessions you will learn to deal with your stress. It is understandable that you like most people will find it uncomfortable to talk in a group, but if you allow yourself even just one session you will learn to love this fun and exiting way to learn to deal with your stress. It opens up so many different ways to learn, from listening to others, by asking questions, and listening to Nic present the program. What is even more exiting is that you can have these 6 sessions bulk billed. This means that you will not need to pay any money for the sessions, apart from a small administration fee we charge. If you want to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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